Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tyler Shemwell,the g-esteem guy,El'Agance Nile's dad finally surfaces with hit single 'Night Time' online."

Miley Cyrus's writer stole from Kentucky, underground rapper Tyler Shemwell,who finally surfaces to put fear in all the look-a-likes and "The Tyla Shemwell" wanna b's with the hit 'Night Time' online.

Time to speak up. Miley Cyrus's writer (who ever) stole from Shemwell's Lovely in Kentucky and wrote Party in the U.S.A, what up Mr. Jay-Z, from a copy-written demo he was shopping and also that alternative group Owl City "Fireflies" a "Soc-hop" stole. It's on! Think for yourselves. Shemwell, El'Agance's daddy,(his little girl,"El'Agance.... bootee" from his gay friends teasing him about being head strong, who they respect) finally releases 'Night Time',a tight single online from his upcoming Felon to Felon EP, a brilliantly written song about "can't wait until night time comes,with lines like /Some never made it home to take their work clothes off/Afraid they gonna miss something/.This negro can rhyme. So let him in! G-esteem without a DOUBT! G-esteem-A tenacious confidence;mental toughness. Gangsta. G-esteem,People who educated themselves and evolved into the most happy Americans usually red necks and pro-blacks (Stay bowlegged and thick).
"If god is with me than who can be against me?" G-esteem.

And let's not talk about the rappers xeroxing from this cat. Can yaw think? 'Night Time', a instant hit with lines like.../Riding through the slum/where I'm from/A place where crack fiends and fat girls love me the most/. "Real & A good time." He real and he's WANTED!

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text 3060402 to 69937 for 'Night Time' with lines like.../Am i doing too much/or losing my touch/


"Teach me it's more to being a man than feeling up your thigh(Lyrics). G-esteem(Blog on google)."

Night Time by Tyler Shemwell...G-ESTEEM

/Am i doing too much/Or losing my touch/

...a brilliantly written song about "can't wait until night time comes," with lines like /Riding through the slum/Where i'm from/A place where crack fiends and fat girls love me the most/Some never made it home to take their work clothes off/Afraid they gonna miss something/

-"Real & A Good Time" 

(The Election of Presdent Obama) 44-Life

"Respect Ain't Dead."

-Loyalty is Cash